Seafood Inspections/Lab Services

Frozen or fresh samples are extracted from each vessel landing. Inspection criteria includes quality assessment, size parameter, foreign material, water/ice content, shelf life, etc. A full listing of analytical services and certifications can be found below. Inspection services are also available to non-fisheries establishments, such as restaurants, grocery stores and food establishments.

Analytical Lab Services   

Onboard Swabbing and Bacterial Testing

Upon immediate arrival to port, an IDG technician will board the vessel and conduct swabbing on the factory. Samples are refrigerated and immediately transported to the lab. A report is then generated and forwarded to the vessel or plant owner. The information is used to indicate the effectiveness of on board cleaning protocols and other potential sources of contamination.                               

Onboard Audits

Audits consist of factory cleanliness, organization, hazard control, pest control, process and temperature control, operating procedures and employee hygiene. IDG also develops and prepares for audits by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Dockside Assessment

The company will have an employee deployed for the entire offload. Services include photos, temperature checks, mishandling of product and other details of the offload. A report is then generated and sent to the vessel owner.