Independent Dockside Grading and Fisheries Consulting

Independent Dockside Grading Inc. and Fisheries Consulting

Incorporated in 2004 as the largest global seafood inspection company, Independent Dockside Grading Inc. and Twilight have inspected in excess of 5 BILLION pounds of seafood product and employ 110 trained inspectors.  Based on 40 years’ experience in the global seafood industry, Chris Daley, the company’s president is able to draw on hands on experience in quality determination for professional seafood inspections by a staff of excellent and dedicated employees.

IDG inspects the inshore fishery while Twilight Inspection services the offshore fishery. Both companies offer similar inspection services, including quality, size parameters, foreign material, lab analysis and shelf life. In addition we offer a full line of fisheries consulting and advisory services.

Independent Dockside Grading Inc. and Twilight Inspections, licensed by the Government of Newfoundland, positions itself as an advanced seafood inspection service as a result of intense experience, technical and academic training and the ability to perform 100% independent sampling services, using strict confidentiality in a timely fashion. Inspection reports can be tailored to our customers’ requirements.

IDG / Twilight Inspection Services

Seafood Inspection

Seafood Inspection

We offer clients a comprehensive set of inspection and laboratory services.                                          

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Fisheries Consultation

Fisheries Consultations

We provide consultation services across a wide range of areas within the fisheries industry.

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Seafood Products

Sea Food Products

We specialize in grading a variety of different species                                                                                   

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Our Commitment

Independent Dockside Grading Inc. and Twilight Inspections Inc. provide timely and accurate quality inspections as well as lab services, food safety analysis, dockside assessment, vessel and plant inspection, audits, and fisheries consulting services.