Fisheries Consulting

We offer the following consultation & fisheries advisory services:

Consulting Services

  • Market studies
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Resource assessment and development
  • On-board handling assessment and design
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency setup and compliance
  • Production design and training
  • Product inspections
  • Research and development
  • Project Management

Fisheries Resource Development

  • Snow Crab (Newfoundland)
  • Whelks (Newfoundland)
  • Sea Urchin (Newfoundland)
  • Shrimp (Newfoundland)
  • Scallops (Nunavut)
  • Seals (Nunavut)

New Product Development

  • On-board holding and handling systems (Mortality Reduction) MI, CCFI and DFO
  • Crab shell by-products
  • Fish discard by-products
  •  Harvesting and processing technologies
  • Live crab transport system MI and CCFI
  • Automated crab barnacle remover
  • Snow crab meat extraction with MI and CCFI